iMovie Report

Hey Everyone, A few weeks ago in class we had a task  to do a iMovie news report on our school holidays. First we had to do a storyboard then a script. I did my iMovie report on The Smurfs  2 because I went to watch that in the cinemas during the school holidays with […]


Hello world, What is a biography??  A biography is when you do like a factual piece about someone  or when you write  about someones life written by someone else. A basic biography would have information like the persons name, occupation, birthday,life story, interests ect. A biography could be a page short or a fat book […]

School Holidays

Hey everyone,  school holidays have started in Australia, it goes for two weeks. I like to hang out with my friends,stay up late and spend time with my family.  What do you like to do on the school holidays? 

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